Being a woman

  • Annemieke Dannenberg / Creative Writing / Arnhem

During the study programme I developed into a strongly engaged writer and this is reflected in my graduation project. The renewed debate on feminism, gender, and through my personal reflection on the meaning of being a woman served as the inspiration for my graduation topic.


I explore and question the conventions and frameworks imposed by social structures. The female characters in my text do not fit into those frameworks due to their ideas, sexuality, lifestyle or appearance.


I see this project as a study in which I use prosaic poetry and letters to approach womanhood from a new angle, thus putting together a puzzle with a different outcome each time. I do this by working in fragments and intertwining letters with poetry. The fragments contain images that stand on their own, but also say something about the bigger picture and my personal vision of womanhood.


The text contains symbolism derived from the Bible and also refers to other art forms, philosophy and literature. With my work I try to appeal to a larger audience by drawing a link between the theme of womanhood and the identity crisis that results when a person is unable or unwilling to conform to the group he/she is in.


The different symbols I use in the text also recur in the image I am creating together with a Graphic Design student from ArtEZ. Maartje Smits is my supervisor during my graduation project.


Het Schrijversblok, 25 June
Exhibition Art & Design Arnhem, 29 June – 3 July