• Elmar Ipskamp / Fine Art / Enschede

The paintings I create are like friends. I do not know the people in my paintings, neither are they me. This is intentional. Were I to paint myself, it would come too close, and they would no longer be friends but me. I need both the paintings and the people depicted in them.


I generally look for images from the bulk of magazines, newspapers and audiovisual media. Everything I feel intuitively drawn to, I collect. I want to make decisions in my painting that are not dictated by existing images. In this way, an autonomous work is created, a new reality, untethered to the source material. Ultimately every work should be different, but convey a similar kind of feeling or emotion.


Currently I’m painting solitary characters that are somehow connected to me. They are alone in their environment. Often these characters look downcast or bored, as if their have lost connection with their surroundings. This alienation but also the recognisability connects the works to the viewer.