• Aldo Esparza Ramos / Fine Art / Arnhem

The aura of the storyteller is to transfer experiences. As a storyteller Aldo Ramos looks for the central point between cinema and literature, where the public uses its imagination to project into the empty spaces of the story where it reflects itself. He uses mainly performance and video as a combination to reach the public more accurately.


Human experiences are the material Aldo Ramos is interested in; the medium to transfer these experiences to the public is the narrative and the control of time. This is the task of the storyteller; he has the ability to reach back over whole lifetimes, not only his own but the story of others that he makes his own. His distinction is the ability to relate his entire life.


“The storyteller: he is the man who could let the wick of his life be consumed completely by the gentle flame of his story; this is the basis of the incomparable aura about the storyteller. The storyteller is the figure in which the righteous man encounters himself.” Walter Benjamin


Exhibition Art & Design in Arnhem, 29 juni t/m 3 juli