• Nanko Meiborg / Jazz & Pop / Arnhem

NankoSoul represents soulful pop music, inspired by heroes such as Prince, the Beach Boys and D’Angelo. After the successful release of the single The Sky At Sunrise, it wasn’t long before the 7-member band performed on Radio 6. Its debut album The Right Time was released on 13 February to a packed Luxor Live in Arnhem. The band is now starting its Dutch tour. Nanko Meiborg is the man behind NankoSoul. The 23-year-old frontman and songwriter will complete his music study this year. The soul of Nanko’s music is a product of the jazz his father listened to and pop music on the radio. After hearing Donny Hathaway sing, he knew he was destined to become a soul singer. The title of the debut album The Right Time refers to his motto: ‘Time is now, and time is always right’. Because why wait till tomorrow? Tomorrow everything will be different and there will be something new to focus on.