Creating ugliness and beauty

  • Tobias Artmann / Fine Art / Enschede

In my perception a very bad graffiti tag on the street is just as aesthetic as a masterful portrait by Rembrandt. I want to work with this opposing imagery, to create ugliness from beauty and vice versa.


I often paint portraits with a humorous theme. Stereotypes of the people I interact with. I want to break open their appearance in order to cast doubt on their status. I also want to add text and typography, and sometimes just a name is enough, like with ‘Goya 1’.


Painting is a physical act for me. By performing intuitive and spontaneous movements, an image is created. This feels very pure. I often listen to music while painting, bringing a rhythm to my work. This rhythm is interrupted when I look at what I have created on the canvas. So there is a conflict between these free movements and my own judgement as to whether that pleasant movement has led to a positive result. It is exactly this conflict that keeps painting fascinating for me.