The abstract gesture

  • Rosanne van Wijk / Fashion Design / Arnhem

My graduation collection was born out of my fascination for everyday, seemingly unimportant objects. Balls of paper, lids and other waste, but also at first glance seemingly senseless buildings often catch my eye. Objects that have become part of our daily worldview to such an extent that we no longer attach value to them or notice them. These images, when opening your mind to them, can appeal to the imagination. What if we view the world from a whole new perspective? By focussing on these objects, scaling them, rotating them and imagining them made up of different materials, a new, surreal fantasy world is created. An opportunity to escape the everyday chaos. A new world in which the seemingly unimportant has become important. As a result you can see the current world from a new perspective.


I started to build my own abstract world. First I started making intuitively folded shapes out of paper. In turn I made these shapes out of fabric, creating sculptural shapes that when placed on the body became surprising, abstract capes and aprons. I then started pleating fabric, to create a material model out of corrugated cardboard. An everyday material that through its lines and simplicity I find extremely fascinating. By placing bits of pleated fabric on and over each other this created flat, abstract squares in an interesting line pattern. Theses squares reminded me of the windows of apartment complexes, and I made them into colourful prints.


The collection is a big collage of abstract shapes. These shapes, placed on raw workwear, result in a combination of the recognisable and the abstract. Nostalgia meets the modern: recognisable details and silhouettes as overalls, denim jackets and jeans combined with large, abstract gestures.