Emotional reflections

  • Shanta Jethoe / Animation Design / Zwolle

Emotions are inseparable from the essence of humankind and can reveal people’s inner drives. In my work I try to critically explore the human psyche and human relationships. By confronting my own emotions and thought processes and those of others I denounce normativeness. For me, the socialisation processes between people raise questions as to how we as humans treat and influence each other. It is of undeniable importance to me to critically reflect on the world in which we live and by doing so stimulate the spectator. This could create room to discuss and experience sensitive themes we’d rather not face, such as racial stereotypes and racism. These are the key principles of my graduation project.


My stories often arise through personal experiences and feelings. By translating those experiences and feelings into abstract stories I try to create something universal that confronts people, encourages reflection and calls to their emotions. In addition, traditional animation techniques and how to use materials play a central role, merging form and content.


As a human being I cannot view myself as separate from others. My psyche and actions will always be connected to my environment. I wish for my work to reflect the responsibility that arises from that.


Exhibition Art & Design in Zwolle, 29 June – 10 July