A grand short

  • Reynaert Vosveld / Animation Design / Zwolle

In my graduation project I explored what makes contemporary, animate short films (shorts) unique. I also researched how today’s animators can use the available knowledge about the medium for new, deeper shorts. In particular, this made me view my own work and work attitudes rather critically. Much of my older work suffers from formlessness and forced engagement; something I do not tolerate in my writing. For this reason, I will use my graduation film to, for the first time, to tell a truly personal story where I try to free myself from my dominant form and the lack of content in my earlier work,


My graduation film is about the feeling of alienation due to a lack of time and the inability to turn back time. That’s a grand and abstract topic for a short. This is why I try to capture these feelings through the expression-filled animation of little and everyday actions performed by the protagonist in my animation. By keeping the actions and stories of my short small, without speech or explanation, I force myself to rely more on movement and timing to tell my story. So far, working on my short has been a lot of fun and challenging, and I hope that when it’s done it will be a positive experience for people.


Exhibition Art & Design in Zwolle, 29 June – 10 July